Monday, October 22, 2012

Sharing Some Photos

Every day our family goes walking at The Gooseponds, a natural waterway in Mackay with walking tracks around it.  It's a gorgeous little piece of nature in the city, and we all love to unwind here.
Yesterday I took my camera and had a play with some settings, and took some photos of this lovely place.
Thought I'd share:

I took this one a few days ago with my phone, it is of a family of Wood Ducks - 8 little chicks, so gorgeous!

Cheeky Rainbow Lorrikeets are everywhere in the trees.

There are so many different species of ducks there too - it is just amazing the bird life there.
The colours this tim of year are amazing too - for some reason a lot of the trees lose their leave this time of year, rather than Autumn.

This would have been my favourite nature shot of the day, I have something for Water Flowers - must be the Pisces in me!!  LOL...

Well that's it from me today, while I was there I also took photos of my favourite little man as well, but I'll save them for another day, or just pop them on a scrapbook page to share....hehe.

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