Tuesday, October 23, 2012

More Photos...

While I was at the Gooseponds with my camera I took the time to take photos of Connor as well.  It's getting better with him now, he likes me taking photos of him - little poser that he is, and this time he was in the mood, and he listened to how I wanted him to sit.

Then of course he LOVED playing with the leaves while I clicked away, and it wasn't long before he decided it would be even MORE fun to chuck the leaves all over me!!

That's it for now so I'm going to be off.  I am scrapping tonight, so I will have some shares tomorrow!

1 comment:

Marelize said...

Beautiful shots of your little boy Monique. Is't it nice when they actually like getting their pictures taken? Lol! It all changes again when they become teenagers.
Looking forward to see what you are working on. Take care. xx