Saturday, July 3, 2010

This Dear Lady.....

Turned 90 today.... Amazing..
I think she looks marvellous, and the best thing is she is still REALLY healthy and is as sharp as a tack......
Happy Birthday Nanna!!!
Not that I think she will see this - I doubt she has ever touched a computer, let alone used the internet...She is from the really old school - this lady still banks the old fasioned way and doesn't even own a key card!!! She would never even dream of owning a credit card.... hmmmm, maybe I should have learnt something there!!
Part of the reason why, I think, is that Pa, her husband of over 61 years, never liked any of that "new" stuff - and even though he passed aways several years ago, she still does exactly what he would have wanted - how sweet is that!!!!


Linda said...

Wow, your Nanna looks really well for 90, Niq!!!

Hope she had a fabulous birthday :)

Felicity said...

WOW.. what an achievement and she sure doesnt look 90!!

Happy birthday to your Nanna.

Julie said...

Wow .... hope i'm looking that spritely when i'm 90 LOL!!

and yes ..... you gotta wonder .... is some of this "new stuff" such a good thing?!

Hope the road trip is still going well ... lucky buggers !