Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Dear Little Man......

Turned five today "sigh"....Where did the time go???
Here he is at Muller park where his party was, we had games, trains - all the fun that the other kids were having... What was Connor doing????
Trying to catch tadpoles in the rain puddles-that's what!!! He even had to be dragged from this activity to cut his cake!!
LOL - such a lil boy!!

He did spend some time on the playground - briefly - hehe Look at how wet and grubby his bottom half is"eye roll"

After we did cut the cake, a photo was taken of my boys - I was so flat out, I didn't have much time to take photos - fortunately a Mum there grabbed my camera, and took some photos for me - I was so lucky, 'cos she got some good ones, like this.....

Here is the birthday cake - a train of course, for my train lovin boy!!


Felicity said...

happy birthday Connor :)
Love the train cake, yummo :) x


i have a train boy.. cute we are thomas crazy right now

happy birthday connor.. love the shots your mum got..

Jane said...

Happy birthday to Connor, looks like he had a wonderful time catching tadpoles - LOL!!!!!! and great cake Niq, looks amazing.

amanda73 said...

happy birthday connor........ its amazing how quick time goes hey monique, i cant believe my connor will be 5 in september....... goes way too quick

Linda said...

Happy Birthday for yesterday, Connor! :)

I can see that he has had a fantastic day, Niq - even if it was doing his own - God love him!

The train cake looks amazing - did you make it yourself???