Saturday, March 5, 2016

CSI Case 192 "Once Upon A Time"

Hi folks,
Well I was really inspired by CSI case 192  this week.  I loved the colours, and the Evidence - what they want you to use - was really up my ally style wise.

Here is the picture of the challenge:

This is my entry,  I have used a Photo of my Nanna and Pa's wedding 74 years ago.  I am so lucky to have so many vintage photographs from both sides of the family - I guess that photo taking bug I have has been well and truly established in my family for many generations!

I used mainly Charcoal Grey and White, with touches of Flax Yellow, Maroon and Light Grey.
The Evidence was right up my ally style wise, so I incorporated quite a bit. You'll see a Solid Grey Background, leaves and flowers, a birdcage + bird, distressing/tearing and metal. You'll see print in my stamping and on the papers I used. My Testimony was based on the Fairy Tale prompt. I used the title "Once Upon A Time," and my journalling was about how I always thought Nanna's dress was just like a Fairy Tale dress, and even though their marriage had its difficulties, like WW2 and the Depression, they lasted 62 years, so they did have their happily ever after.....

Here are some close ups:

Thank you so much for stopping by - I am hoping to become a more regular blogger

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