Friday, November 2, 2012


I am getting around to scrapping our wedding pictures.  I know, slack hey?
The thing is, we went really really budget style when we got married, it didn't really bother either of us if we didn't have a fancy wedding.
We got married on the beach at Dolphin Heads here in Mackay, about two weeks after we moved here.
Anyways, our photography consisted of handing out disposable cameras to all our guests, and they were asked to photograph things for us, then we got them all developed, and we were lucky enough to get a few nice photographs out of the lot. 
BUT, they still had that whole "Disposable Camera" look and feel to them, so I didn't really bother about them much.
Connor has been asking about our wedding for a while - he is, of course, very curious to learn about the course of events that led to his existence.
So, I scanned the photos I like the best, and I've done a fair bit of editting in Adobe Lightroom.  Now they are presentable, I may even get a few canvases done.
Here is the first page of my album:
One Perfect Day

I have used the beautiful Prima Firefly range, and I am sticking to that range for the whole album too, just to blend it all together.  I have used a WOW Words or Whatever Bamboo Tree WOW1611  which I painted in Perfect Pearls Interference Green.  I also used WOW Words Or Whatever Block Alphabet Uppercase C1388 which I also painted in Perfect Pearls - Interference Green.
Here are a couple of close ups:

That's it today, I'll be back tomorrow with more shares - I have some Anna's Craft Cupboard to share, plus it is Frosted Design Fabulous Friday Challenge time again.


Melinda said...

Absolutely stunning! Love the gorgeous colours and you were such a beautiful bride! YAY for have worked your magic cause if you hadn't of said I wouldn't have picked it up! Have a beautiful weekend :)x

Lizzyc said...

Well this looks gorgeous! the photo is lovely, and the design is stunning.. love how it all sits perfectly with the circle element!

Linda Eggleton said...