Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Card Tutorial at Frosted Designs

It was my turn to do a tutorial on the Frosted Designs Blog this Sunday, and with Christmas coming  up I decided to do a tutorial for a neat "Step Style" Card.
This is the finished product:

I love this card - so vintage style, which I love!  The paper and card are VERY old October Afternoon - from my stash.  I tried to make a pact with myself to use up my older Christmas stuff this year and not buy much new stuff.  Of course, I haven't done very well on the not buying front, but I am trying to use up the old...lol... 
The "25" and the gorgeous Snowflakes, though are from Pink Paislee Sidewalks - which can be found at Anna's Craft Cupboard here.

Now, here is the tutorial:

Credit paid where credit is due, I got the idea from a You-Tube Demonstration here.

1.  Cut a piece of cardstock 81/2" x 51/2"

2.  Score at 41/4" - right across the centre o the cardstock.

3.  Start at 3 and 1/2 inches lengthwise, and cut a line between 11/4" and 61/4".

4.  Score 4 lines, starting from the cut and going to the edge of the cardstock.  You need to score at 11/4", 21/4, 31/4" and 61/4".

5. Now, concertina - fold the cardstock to make this base:

6.  Repeat Steps 1-5 with your chosen patterned paper.  When I was finished I trimmed a tiny amount from around the edge to make some of the white cardstock peak through.

7.  Match the folds in the paper to the folds in the cardstock, and use Double Sided Tape to join the two together - put tape on all the edges and at all the folds to make it sit nicely.

8.  Decorate as decided - you can put an extra piece of cardstock on the back "step" of the card.  I used an October Afternoon Trading Card (it's about 3 years old!) instead.  I also used OA paper - from last Christmas, Cream ribbon and some Pink Paislee City Sidewalks Snowflakes and Diecut "25."

See? Easy as!
Hope you all have an amazing week!

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Melinda said...

WOW I have always looked at those cards and admired them but never knew how to make them...so thank you so much for your easy to follow instructions...I think I will give this a go...gorgeous card and I am on a mission too to use up older stuff...problem is every year the new stuff looks sooooo good!! LOL!! hope you are well :))xx