Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Little Late, I know....

To enter the June Scrap The Boys....but this is what I did for it.
The challenge was to use Teal, Red, Yellow and White - I just love using brights, so I jumped at the chance.  I used a firm favourite - Echo Park Paper Company..they do brights soooo well.
I made the little banner at the bottome of the photo - and made the sun from some scrap paper as well.  Connor really is my little ray of sunshine in the day, he is such a bright, happy little personality - even though, at times I would love him to not be so, ummmm noisy - I love having him around while he's on school holidays, and I'm enjoying spending special time with him.
Love you, little man!!!


Sar said...

LOVE this page and think I'll have to steal your title sometime soon!

Linda said...

You do brights sooooo well, Niq - I really LOVE this page <3

Felicity said...

totally agree with brights.. and you use them sooooo well :))
my boys are my ray of sunshine too.
thanks for stopping by my blog too :))