Friday, January 22, 2010

Holiday Snaps

As promised, here are some holiday snaps I took whilst away.
Here is Connor playing in the sand with his dump truck - it is about 4.30 in the afternoon, and most of the beach was in shade, hence the no shirt ;0)

Connor loved playin in the waves at the shore - he was racing them up the beach in this pic!!

This photo was taken on the Pumicestone Passage side of the island - very pretty too!

We spent a few days in Ipswich, catching up with friends, (not all of our friends, sadly) and we also took Connor to the Ipswich Workshops Museum. Thomas was spending the holidays there, with the Fat Controller and a few of his train friends!!

Connor has been asking to go to a museum for a while, so while we were down in SEQ, we took him to the Qld Museum. It was fantastic fun!!
There was a "Dinosaur Dig" on and the kids could dig for dinosaurs, and do all sorts of fun activities to learn about dinosaurs!!!

I also managed to do some scrapping down there, so I'll come back later with some shares, just need to pop on some titles - couldn't take everything with me - LOL!


amanda73 said...

love all those pics......... im in seq and have never taken my connor to the museum yet lol, me a bad mum

Linda said...

Fantastic pics, Niq...looks like you had a lot of fun :) The dinosaur dig sounds awesome!!!