Saturday, December 26, 2009

Typical Aussie Boxing Day

We couldn't have had a more Aussie Boxing Day if we tried - hehe. It started slowly, then Mark put on the Test Match, while I went and got some groceries - go figure - LOL.
We had a yummy BBQ lunch - steak burgers, and after lunch, decided to head to our local beach. We love Eimeo Beach - it's always quieter than Harbour Beach, and generally nicer surroundings.
This is one side of the beach, at the top of the hill, where the palm trees are, is the famous Eimeo Pub - it's beer garden overlooks the Coral Sea and a few islands - just beautiful views. A great place to kick back on a Sunday Arvo!

Now, for my southern friends:0) in case you are thinking we have gone completely mad swimming in stinger-infested waters - hehe - this is what happens on patrolled beaches, every hour, the water is "dragged" for stingers. If stingers are found, the beach is closed straight away!
Not a guarantee, but still a lot safer than being at a non-patrolled beach!
The headland in the distance is Dolphin Heads - where Mark and I got married 6 years ago!!!
I have been trying to take landscapes every now and then, and this is one of my practices!!!

Just a shot of Connor at play on the playground at the beach.

My favourite shot of the day - Connor and Mark having some fun in the waves - Connor is just cracking up!!
I'll be back tomorrow with some scrappy shares - I have made some calendars for the relos, and I have done more in my December Daily.
Till then, happy scrapping!!

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Ceci said...

Love all your photos including the cute Chrissy ones, how lucky are you to live in such a beautiful spot Niq! Today was wet rainy and dismal here in Sydney, lol. xx