Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Trip to Eungella

One good thing about holidays is there is lots of time to do all those things there is usually no time for.
On Sunday, we went for a drive up the range to Eungella. It was great to get there, on the drive Mark and I worked out that the last time we were there was when I was in the early stage of being pregnant with Connor (I remembered feeling like death with morning sickness whilst driving up the range LOL!) So THAT would have been over 5 years ago - Eeeeeep! Time sure does fly by, doesn't it!
Anyways, it was a lovely day, we had a picnic, then went for a walk through the rainforest, and went to the river to try to see some platypuses, of course, we were too early in the day to see them, but Connor was a bit disappointed that the platypuses were asleep in their burrows - we'll have to go up there for a weekend to try and see them.
Only one small incident - I managed to pick up a hitch hiker for the trip home - I found a tick on my neck just after we got home! Ugggggh!!! Would have to happen to me, hay? Of course, I then got totally paranoid and stripped Connor down to make sure he didn't have any on him!! Thankfully he didn't

Here are some pics:

Connor in front of a gorgeous old curtain fig - don't you just love the root system??

Mark and Connor on a bridge during our walk.
A photo of the canopy.
Here is my entry into Addicted to Craft's 12 Weeks of Christmas. I am just a little bit excited - hehe - I just found out I won!! This is my entry!!
We were required to use Piggy Tale paper, and create a layout depicting our boy's wish list for Santa.
I used the Billy Goat Gruff range, which I got from Scrapbooking Stock.
Here is a close up of the Christmas tree I made. I tore and paper rolled the paper strips, and used brads as Christmas lights.

Thanks for looking!!!


Kylie B said...

Oh wow Niq, just LOVE hat LO

amanda73 said...

wow love that LO, the tree is gorgeous, and i so love those pics from your drive.

Vel said...

That tree is so cute! Great pics too!

Linda said...

Well done on winning the addicted to craft, Niq....your LO is gorgeous & the little tree adorable.

Love your pics of your little weekend drive - you live in such a beautiful area of this country - lucky girl!