Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Rainy Day + Sickness

Well it is pouring with rain here today - which is good, because we need it :0)
I am still sick - the bronchitis has cleared up a bit, but the good ole asthma is clinging on for dear life, and getting worse, and the puffers don't seem to be doing much, so it is off to the doctors for me again :0(
Connor has a cold too, so with the weather the way it is, I thought it best to keep him home, the last thing I need is a sleepless night because I have a child with and ear/chest infection....
Tonight, I am teaching a class over at ScrapbooknBits. We will be using the gorgeous Bo Bunny Flutter Butter papers.
Here are some sneak peaks:

The kits for the class have been sold out, but if you want to do the class, you can still buy access here:
November's challenge for Scrap The Boys has been posted,
The Inspiration is this Rhyme:
What are little boys made of?
Snips and snails and puppy dogs tails,
That's what little boys are made of.
Here is my interpretation, I used the ultra cut 3 Bugs in a Rug papers.

Well, that's it from me for now - I am feeling like I need another sleep :0(
Hope you all have a lovely day!


amanda73 said...

hope you and connor are feeling better................love the sneaks to the class. and love that LO of connor for scrap the boys, awesome work from you as always

Felicity said...

love that LO.
Hope your feeling better and connor too.
:) x