Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Our Little Mad Hatter!!

Happy Melbourne Cup Day!! Hope you were on a winner :0)
I wasn't - crashed and burned dreadfully! LOL!
It was Fancy Hat Day at Connor's Kindergarted. I made him this out of black cupboard, and some older Rouge de Garance paper:

He loved it - he said "I'm SURE I'll have the best hat there, Mummy!!" Now that's appreciation!!
I don't think I've shared this layout yet - I did it a couple of months ago.....

Well, I better go - Connor just came to me and said "Can I go to bed, Mummy - I've run out of boy juice" Awwwwww..... He says the cutest things sometimes!!


Jane said...

aaawwwweee Connor is so sweet :) hope you're feeling much better Niq and that LO is awesome - I'm always amazed by people who can use purple (it scares me!!!!!)

Linda said...

I think we need to challenge you Jane....with purple! LOL

Connor looks gorgeous in his hat, Niq...and I'm sure he DID have the best hat there! Gorgeous LO too - love it!

Just thought I'd share what the word verification is for my post - NOSECOLI....ewwwwwww LOL

Ceci said...

What a great hat Niq how clever are you.. and such a good photo too you have to scrap that one! Love your LO as well.:) xx