Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year!!!!

I hope that 2011 brings you all happiness and health:)

Do you have any New Years Resolutions?? I don't keep New Year Resolutions well - I tend to go off track by oh, about lunch on January First - LOL!!

I have goals and I love the idea of focussing on a word - picking a word for the year to focus on, and work toward achieving it. Last year my focus work was Balance - I needed to focus on adding balance to my life, juggling being a mummy, wife, teacher, scrapbooker.... it took time, and I am still working on it, but it has really helped me focus on what to do to acheive my goals.
Here is a little pic I got of Ali Edward's Blog

This year, my word is going to be:


There are so many things in my life I want to minimise - my waistline, my kitchen cupboards, my scrap supply... I am such a hoarder, and I really just want to simplify my life:0)

Here is challenge: Think of a word you want to focus on this year - post it in in my comments box, and I'll draw a random RAK at the end of this week :0)

Now - a bit of a review of 2010.....

When I think about it, in the ordinary hum drum of life, I have so so much to be thankful for - a loving family, a happy, sweet, healthy little boy, a job I love, well most of the time anyway, and good friends.

THESE moments are the moments from this year that bring a smile to my face whenever I think of them -

  • It was such an honour to attend my Nanna's 90th birthday party. I am so lucky that I had all 4 of my grandparents until well into my 20s - I have so many beautiful memories of time spent with all of them. I hope Connor will be that lucky.... Anyway, now that I am 40, I have one Grandparent left - and that is my Nanna, she is amazing, so sharp - still does her own shopping, pays her bills.... I am amazed by her vitality

  • Watching Connor enjoy the snow for the first time, we didn't have a lot of money this year - Mark isn't working, and I have had time off due to illness, but we really wanted to do this - and it was so rewarding to work towards saving money, and then to enjoy the moment Connor first saw/felt snow - just so magic, and well worth the effort :0)

  • In November, Mark was lucky enough to win a trip to Geelong and Lorne - another dream of mine was to travel the Great Ocean Road, so it was a delightful surprise to get to do this in 2010 too. Here is Connor feeding a King Parrot at our resort in Lorne - these parrots just flew down to our tables while we were eating breakfast.

  • While we were in Geelong, Mark decided that it would be good for us to take a helicopter flight around Corio Bay - I have never been in a helicopter, and I must say I was petrified - but so so pleased that I did it, and conquered my fear instead of letting my fear of heights ruin my experiences of our holiday. It was so beautiful up there, too - and I think the highligt was spotting a pod of dolphins from the sky

What have your highlights of 2010 been?


amanda73 said...

looks like you did so much in 2010, i am really hoping 2011 is good to you and your family you deserve it
you are lucky to have a grandparent left at (not quite) 40 yet, and i also have 1 grandparent left...which im greatful for

my word if i had to choose just 1 would be 'CHARITABLE'......I want to give more to charities and support them as much as i can, helping those less fortunate is a great feeling..... ive already started,, even with scrapping i do things for good causes, like booking into a crop day to support the brisbane mater mothers hospital(esp the neonatal ICU)....and doing 6x6 pages that are going inot albums and distributed at the hospital to mothers that have lost their babies.........details of this is on my blog

so 'CHARITABLE' is my word for 2011

Jane said...

Geeeee you've had a full year Niq - good on you and good luck with your choosen word for this year :).

And I've only just decided to have a word for this year and it's going to be "balance" now that I'm working it's hard to juggle everything in a day, so hopefully I'll find the right "balance" .

Have a great 2011 Niq :)