Sunday, December 26, 2010

Our Christmas Day

This was our tree just after Santa visited on Christmas Eve :0)

This was our tree after the present unwrapping frenzy that Connor participated in:

(Oh, and yes - that is our dog Ace in the background!!)

Here he is - there is something wonderful about the excitement of children on Christmas day - I just love watching his excitement at discovering the presents, checking to make sure Santa got his snack, and the reindeer ate their oats and drank their water, then of course the unwrapping... sooooo magical!!


Linda said...

Love your photos Niq....glad to hear you all had a magical christmas with lots of excitement for Connor :)

All the best for 2011 for you & yours....

Felicity said...

totally agree with the magic about Christmas. It is the best feeling seeing the children open presents.

Happy New year :)) x

amanda73 said...

love love those pics, and i soooo agree with the magic of children on chrsitmas morning, cant wait to see those pics scrapped