Thursday, June 24, 2010

MME is simply LUSH!!!

This is the latest Design Team challenge at Addicted to Craft.
It was a Recipe Challenge - I quite like those challenges, this was the first one I have actually done, but gosh it was fun. I was lucky I had such beautiful products to work with too - courtesy of Luisa at Addicted to Craft :0)

The Recipe was to use 5 patterned papers, Brads and Rhinestones.
I had this boooootiful My Minds Eye Lush Range to work with. The paper is such good quality, and I looooove the flocked papers, so soft and pretty......
Here are some sneak peaks - I cut out the flowers and patterns from the flocked paper, and included them in the flower clusters around the circle.
Yesterday afternoon we all went off to the Mackay Show. It was Connor's first time at a show, and as he walked in, his eyes were so huge, and he didn't know what to take in first!! It was so cute...
This is Connor's first taste of fairy floss - and the lucky boy just happened to score it from the Mackay Sugar Display. Another good thing about living in a sugar This fairy floss was the yummiest I have EVER tasted - so light and melt in the mouth, and not too sweet. Ahhh, yes, Mackay certainly knows sugar!! Hehe!!

Here he is on his first ferris wheel - it was one of those tiny little ones... Poor boy though, they stopped it when he was right at the top so they could let more people on... he did get a bit frightened then... Right after though, he just loved it!

Check out this dare devil face - I think this photo is one I am definately going to scrap!! LOL!

He was so proud of himself too - winning some prizes on the clown stand!! Very cute indeed.
All in all a lovely family outing - and a great way to spend an afternoon!!

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Melleny Ams said...

Gorgeous work Niq. That boy looks like he had a ball.

Linda said...

Wow, how stunning is your LO, Niq!!! Just love what you've done with the MME Lush range :)

Is that a little butterfly punch you have used?? I've been trying to get a small punch like that but haven't had any luck finding one.

Looks like Connor had a fab time at the Show - lots of great scrapping piccies!

Linda said...

Thanks for the info about the butterfly punch, Niq. I see what you mean about them being hard to get :S I can't even find it on the MS website - I'm guessing they don't make it anymore :(

I have found a CM one - just ummíng & ahhhíng about whether to get it or not (I think it's a bit pricey for such a little punch!)

Julie said...

Connor looks like he had a wow of a time .... and i bet you got a thrill just watching him enjoy himself so much ... kids tend to have that effect on us heh!
Enjoy your holiday .... looking forward to seeing lots of photos and LO's to follow!