Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ruby Chewsday

Well, here is a layout about why our dear puppy Ruby girl gets affectionately - well most of the time anyway - called Ruby Chewsday. She chews anything, anytime.... LOL!!
Any day is a Ruby Chewsday in our house!! LOL!! All I can say is it's lucky she's lovable!!!
Here are some long-promised Easter photos. Connor was such a crack-up during our Egg Hunt. He found all the eggs, then made us hide them time and time again - so he could keep finding them over and over again. He even made us close our eyes, so he could hide them. Funny thing was though, he'd put a pile of eggs in one spot, then insist on joining in on the hunt - only to run straight to the pile hidden!!! Funniest bit was he'd say "Ummmmmmmmm" then "Ahahhhhhhh" when he found them - as if it was a surprise!! Hahah!!

Here he is "closing" his eyes - do you see him peeking???? LOL

Connor on the egg hunt - he loved finding all the eggs, over and over.....haha

The egg booty - in a little basket I made!!

Of course, not ALL the eggs got hidden every time - some made it into Connor's mouth. Check out the chocolate moosh!! Lil cutie pie!!

Thanks for popping by, I'm slowly catching up on my blogging - Haha!


Linda said...

Awwww isn't she adorable! even when she's What is it on her face Niq???

Connor is just too cute - loved reading how he kept wanting to hide & find the eggs over and over - made me smile :)

Monique said...

Pillow stuffing Linda - she was caught on the spare bed happily munching on a pillow!!!

Linda said...

oh, dear...norty Ruby - lucky that she is so darned cute & loveable...LOL