Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tummy Bugs!! :0(

I don't know if I've mentioned this before - but of all the illnesses around, I HATE Tummy Bugs - I hate nursing them, I hate cleaning up after them, and I hate having them!!!

Our whole family has been sick over the last 2 days. Connor started it off, and being the good little share bear that he is, promptly passed it on to the rest of us!!!!

Oh dear, at least I was the last to get it, so today I have been concentrating on looking after me, and Mark has actually been really supporting and nice..... Hmmmmm - what does he want, or what has he done??? LOL!!!!! I even got a bunch of flowers from the boy's excursion to Mt Pleasant to run a couple of errands..... It was Connor's idea apparently!!! Awwww....... that boy is going to make a good boyfriend/husband one day - LOL!!!!!
Before we all got sick, we had a lovely weekend - busy chilling out, instead of busy chasing our tails.... We even managed a family outing to Cape Hillsborough. Connor had heaps of fun exploring the beach, and then had a BIG play on the playground - with some new - found friends!! LOL
Here are some pics, it was really odd up there - the fog was rolling in from the sea, and it was 11am!!! It looked really eerie, actually!

Lastly, I did this Layout based on Page 8 from the brilliant A Page From My Sketchbook Blog by Liz Weber. Every month, there is a fantastic new sketch put up. It used to be a challenge blog, but sadly, Liz had to stop the challenge, because she wasn't getting enough sponsors. Thumbs up to Liz, though, for continuing the Sketches!!

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Felicity said...

(( hugs)) hope your on the mend soon.
Love those beach piccies.
gorgoeus Lo's too.
BTW thanks for always stopping by my blog.