Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I have finally finished writing report cards - that is why I've been so quiet in Blogger land lately! LOL! What I want to know is why does someone who can talk the leg off an iron pot, have writer's block EVERY time it is report time??? I know what the kids can do, I TEACH them for goodness sake - but when it comes to writing comments, I ummmmm and ahhhhh for ages over each sentence!!! Aaaagggghhhh! It drives me nuts!!! LOL

Oh well, tomorrow is Show Day holiday here in Mackay, so I plan on chilling and scrapping for most of the day - oh, and staining our new back door (way too looooong a story! LOL!)

On a really happy note, I've been tagged, by the lovely Miss Julie :0)
Ok, here goes, I really hope I don't muck this up!!

  • 8 Things I Look Forward To (Not necessarily in order!):

1. School Holidays
2. Seeing Connor's little face EVERY day
3. Seeing my Mum and Dad and Nanna
4. Relaxing on a beach - any beach!
5. Christmas
6. Weekends
7. Taking delivery of our new car
8. A chocolate fix!
  • 8 Things I did yesterday:

1. Went to work (surprise surprise)
2. Helped someone learn something new.
3. Broke up a fight.
4. Went grocery shopping
5. Wrote report cards
6. Talked to my Mum
7. Cuddled my little boy
8. Went to bed VERY late.....
  • 8 Things I wish I could do:

1. Lose weight
2. Get into an exercise routine.
3. Save money - as opposed to spending every cent!!
4. Renovate our house.
5. Travel overseas.
6. Play the piano/saxophone with some expertise.
7. Stress less.
8. See my Mum and Dad more often.
  • 8 shows I have watched lately - this is a hard one, because I rarely watch TV.
1. Underbelly
2. Spicks and Specks
3. Talkin 'bout my Generation
4. Good News Week.
5. Far too many Dora DVDS (My sanity whilst writing reports!)
6. Far too many "Thomas" DVDs (see above!)
7. Local News
8. How I Met Your Mother

OK, now I have to link 8 people, which is very tricky, cos most of the bloggers I know have aready been "tagged"
1. Malinda
2. Marni
3. Jane
4. Mel
5. Linda

I also got this gorgeous blog award from the very sweet Ceci:

I will forward this gorgeous award to the five ladies I mentioned above, as well as: 1. Julie C
2. Jolene
3. Ness

Now, I don't know about you, but I looooove a good cybercrop, there is nothing better than spending an evening chatting, scrapping and playing games with lovely people.
If that sounds like something you'd like to do, head on over to ScrapbooknBits next weekend. From the 26-28 June, Mel will be hosting the SnB "Animal Magnitism" Cybercrop. There is going to be Challenges, Comps and heaps of prizes - as well as great company, what more could you want???


Jane said...

glad to hear you've finished with the report cards, does that mean things might return to normal for you!!!!!. and thanks for the tag :) , Ceci tagged me as well, so I've already done it :). Do I get top marks :)!!!!!

Have a great day today.

Julie said...

Thanks for the award Niq! too sweet!
Glad to hear the report writing is over .... it must be every teacher's pet hate ... but then again, don't teachers have the best jobs and only work 9 til 3 and get lots of holidays (tongue in cheek)! LOL!

Linda said...

Thanks for the lovely blog award Niq...and for tagging me also :)

Glad to hear that you have finished all your report writing....I'm sure you can now breathe a big sigh of relief & have more "you" time to relax etc! :)

Ceci said...

Probably hard to write because you know the parents are going to analyse every word! ;)