Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Happy Xmas!

Today, Mark and I went and confirmed Connor's enrolement in his kindy class at his school. The school is lovely, and has beautiful facillities.

It is unbelievable that a private school has lower fees than a Childcare Centre, but it is true!

Then we also get CCB rebate, on top of that.

ATM, the gap we are paying is more than the fees at the new place!

For now, he is enrolled for 2 days, then for another 2 days he will be going to another beautiful centre, and attending the Steiner group - which I am also really pleased about!

The other day, he will be with his dad - which will also be good for both of them, I think!

It's unbelievable that next year will be Connor's last year before school - where has the time gone????? Seems like only yesterday he was a tiny little bubba!

So, Christmas Eve will be Connor's last day at his daycare centre, which will be very sad, because he has been there since he was 7 months old, he has some lovely little friends, and the group leader of his room is an absolute darling of a lady, and does some wonderful work with the kids!

..... I hope we are doing the right thing.......

Now for some shares...
Just a few xmas cards I made, I'll be back tomorrow - hopefully - with some more!


Julie said...

Hey Niq,
Welcome to the world of Blogging!!
Looking forward to popping and saying "Hi" !!

Jane said...

yeah, you've got a blog Niq - takes me awhile to catch one :)!!!!

and totally understand about the fees situation - crazy isn't it.